About us

Oneplot is a young design company, established for the purpose of combining artistic flair, technology and Italian style. The aim Oneplot pursues is to put the inventiveness of its customers in the forefront, in order to allow them obtaining unique, made to measure objects.

Oneplot corporate philosophy leads to a choice of materials and machining processes based on a pursuit of the highest quality levels, and on the typical production excellence of the most successful Italian realities in the area of design.

Oneplot caters to private customers proposing a range of home decor products to personalize, to professionals such as architects and interior designers, and companies, making itself available to fully customize products.

Oneplot is prepared to supply totally personalized products, being in a position to provide, by appointment, an in-depth advice service aimed at finding the most appropriate solution for any customer requirement, both from the point of view of materials to be used, and from the point of view of end-product size. To be directly contacted by one of our consultants, please send a message to our e-mail address info@oneplot.com complete with your name and address, along with a concise description of your specific requirements.




Magazine Lamiera - October 2014


Magazine Inossidabile - June 2012